V3 Feedback and Appreciation

ZKsync V3 experience is very refreshing, after using solana, I thought nothing can be so fast from a user experience and now using V3 ZKsync, I am sure that we are going to have lot of users who are new + cannot afford high fees on any chain (3-10$ is still high fees) and want no mediocre user experience will come back/go first to Ethereum through ZKSync. I have not tried yet NFT so will not give feedback on that. My feedback is on ERC20 and UI is as follows:

  1. Comment: I just love that you have ability to be able pay the fees in ETH, ZKS and USDT which will play out Gresham’s law, but from tokenomics point of view community will need incentive to hold the tokens (besides speculation), so it should be like 20% ZKS + 80% USDT; 100% ZKS; 20%ETH + 80%ZKS; in other words not 100% ETH or 100% USDT (I am not sure technical possible, but just my opinion on tokenomics)

  1. Comment Minor: When I click on swap from [here](as shown below) it takes me version V2 instead of V3

![Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 10.59.22|690x178](upload://dyUBOUzjnEOpcANgJRmFaBVqlFw.jpeg) Cant put this screenshot due to limitation

  1. Question: This fees when adding liquidity will not be so high, this is just an example correct?

![Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 11.09.18|507x500](upload://9OxnEqtm5mRW629VQNhszjbIlB0.jpeg) Cant put this screenshot due to limitation

  1. Comment/Question: When I tried to do Mining the the UI comes up for a fraction of a second but then it does not show up, I check different browsers but same issue.

![Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 11.13.30|690x487](upload://98Bq2Keyt8SFdtrx7fxpeAGY40z.jpeg) Cant put this screenshot due to limitation

Other details – ZKSpace Explorer

I am very excited, I am working not full time in crypto but as I have holidays this weekend. I was just lucky to get this opportunity and test and comment on it.

As everyone was posting the address – just adding my address here :wink:
My Wallet: 0xc68ccaeaf9089d7d633ab9f74f4d27a5e016d021

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