#V3 Tesnet #Feedback easy to use

I have done several tests before and I liked doing this a lot, what if I had never done it before was to create my own NFT, and I was able to learn and keep the experience which was extremely satisfactory, it was very easy to create, buy and sell NFT, more than I could imagine, at first I had setbacks, since I did not get the ZKS and USDT tesnet from the faucet to my wallet, the ETH and the I had other tesnet promotions, once the ZKS and USDT arrived in my wallet and I could see them in the application, I followed the simple instructions of the tutorial, even though I am not fluent in English and I do not have a PC, only a cell phone Mid-range alcatel, with android I could work and use the application very well, put the link of the application in the metamask search engine, it opened easily, connect my wallet to the rikenby network and deposit in L2 0.1 ETH tesnet, later check the section of NFT and in a very pleasant and intuitive way I was able in that section to create not 1 but 2 NFT very easy and fast, it does not take more than 2 minutes to create an NFT, then using the MALL option, I observed my 2 NFTs and I could observe the NFT of the other users for sale, purchase And a very nice and cheap one in 1 ZKS, and then I put one of my 2 NFTS up for sale, I really did not know that with ZKSwap it would be so easy to make an NFT and trade NFT in a market, the only thing that I was left in doubt was which was the L2 address I did not get it in the option to deposit the ETH tesnet, so logically it must be the same as the metamask wallet that I used to make the tesnet, maybe I would just add the option in MALL to sort the NFTs for example by price order
My address is:

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