#V3 Testnet Feedback# by yamisuk3

Kudos to the team! I have tried this V3 update of zkswap using my wallet address 0xd8F3676A7567842295170B3f6AE4Bd466A878374, the minting of NFT is perfectly smooth. Buying and selling NFT with the option of choosing what token you want it to be sold is fascinating. Simply put, zero-knowledge rollups or zk-rollups is a Layer 2 scalability solution that allows blockchains to validate transactions faster while also ensuring that gas fees remain minimal.

I just want to add up my suggestion on Profile, It would be better if we can connect atleast major social media links. Adding category or putting some filter option on NFT MALL for the users will able to find it easy what nft they want. Let say for example the platform of opensea, zkswap can be more than that. Consider also making the nfts thumbnail on the platform a bit smaller so more nft can be viewed on user’s window. Auction selling would be great also to consider on NFT platforms.

I’m just wondering about the swapping, is it possible that not only USDT,ZKS & ETH to be choose for gas? Is it possible any token with the user have balance to be used as gas for swapping? By the way I am really amazed that not only ETH can be used to run any of the transaction on ZKswap.

So to summarize my experience on this V3 update

  • First, the faucet on Paradigm platform to get eth was failed for me. I successfully connected my twitter and it shows that I will received the eth testnet but nothing came to my wallet.
  • Requesting USDT & ZKS testnet tokens works perfectly.
  • I am not able to try the deposit function. I’m a bit confused how it works, besides I dont have eth testnet token.
  • Swapping ZKS/USDT vice versa works perfectly smooth and fast.
  • I’ve tried also swapping ZKS to ETH so I can try the withdrawal feature. I discovered that withdrawal takes a lot of time to be confirmed.
  • On swapping tokens, I just noticed that even I chose ETH as fee on settings, the gas fee still cost in ZKS when I swap ZKS to ETH.
  • NFT buying and selling is perfectly smooth. Also the minting.