#V3 Testnet #Feedback - devr

First of all, thank you giving us opportunity to participate in this testnet. You may have hired some partners to do test your product but you haven’t depended totally on them and gave a chance to community to test it and share their feedbacks and findings.

I tested the ZKS app V3 yesterday and today between 2nd and 3rd December. I had also participated in V1 testnet. And all the experience with the app till now is great.

I tried L2 Swap, L2 Pool, L2 wallet Deposit, Send and, Withdraw functions. I also checked NFT section.

Everything worked fine except withdrawal function to L1 wallet from the ZKS L2 wallet. When I tried it, all the time after accepting the signature in my metamask, there was some pop up on the pool page stating something in Mandarin/Chinese Language (Sorry, I was unable to understand it, neither I was able to check it on google translate as I was unable to copy it too). In this case, I would like to request you to please modify the app so that any pop up/warning or notification shows in the same language selected by the user.

Mover forward, I logged out of the app and reopened it and this time it worked.

I liked two features of this app the most,
(1). As it is being a L2 solution, saving our gas fee and,
(2) NFT market.

I think L2 is the future of defi specially. It is too costly to use Ethereum L1 and here L2 products like ZKswap and ZKsync are helping out the users.
On the other hand, NFT market is growing up on rapid basis, specially after different kind of games and Metaverse, importance of NFT has increased.
Again, on L1 solution, accessing NFTs are two costly due to high gas fees. The biggest NFT market, OpenSea shows us how costly is to mint or buy or sell an NFT is on Ethereum.
ZkSwap could be a solution for this as it will lower the gas fee and enhance the user satisfaction for the NFT marketplace and Metaverse experience.

You can find my all the transaction history to know how I have used the app here:


I hope, we will be able to see the V3 mainnet soon. And thank you for this awesome product. :blush:

My L2 address:- 0x138308323652edd886a1418a80ee5e74a1bc1503

Edit- Here is my tweet about participation in the V3 testnet.