#V3 Testnet Feedback# for 0xe5b

My quick thoughts on the ZKswap experience after a few minutes of usage:

The experience was really fluid. I was able to connect, do some swaps, mint a NFT, and purchase a NFT.

One issue I ran into was connecting my hardware wallet (ledger) to the platform. I was unable to perform any signatures, not sure if this was on my end or zkswap. Additionally, the ui looks really clean and is easy to navigate. I would probably reduce the refresh rate for the wallet balance in USD, it changes a lot and is somewhat distracting. It would also be nice to change the currency as well, viewing in CNY or EUR would be nice for people in different localities. Not sure if I missed it, but it’s always nice having a dark & light mode.

For minting a NFT, it would be nice if there was a little disclaimer or explainer about how the image is stored and where it goes. I assume it’s ipfs, Maybe it would be good to put this as a asterick when you upload your photo, you can click on it and it brings you to a page that describes the storage process. It would also be good if this explained how the system moves a NFT from L2 to L1.

In your NFT wallet, it would be good to have an estimated gas cost to withdraw the NFT to L1 underneath the image of the NFT or in the NFT details. Either it could remind people this is possible, or justify the presence of the NFT on L2 due to high gas costs.

in general this is a really clean platform and i look forward to using it when it is out of the beta phase. good luck with the rest of the development!