#V3 Testnet Feedback# small hurdles but top nice interesting Prroject

I was a bit confused by the order of the Airdop instructions. ( ZKSwap Airdrop » Claim 50 free ZKS tokens (~ $30) ) I had to do some steps multiple times because it was not possible to connect to the wallet.
I had to send the tokens multiple times in step 5 because it didn’t work right off the bat.
The steps all fnctioned without a problem. Everything went quickly, the tokens were after successful sending in the L1 account,
What was a bit annoying, that you had to connect your wallet every time, if you want to connect the different websites (Faucet, L2 Wallet and NFT section, here I had to reconnect the wallet via MetaMask in the individual steps. (Firefox browser)
On the forum website, I did not find a connect button to connect the forum and your wallet. Since I don’t know if the wallet address is required, I’m pinning my ETH wallet below this post.
Otherwise, I found everything to be very clear and well structured.
The wallet I liked in the structure, what I noticed in the transactions in the NFT wallet was that here the date but not the time is displayed. In the ERC 20 wallet, the transactions are displayed in full.
I noticed that the page first always wanted to connect via my second ETH wallet, I had to manually adjust it again and again to account 1.
Unlocking the wallet did not work for me in step 6, I then reloaded the web page, then the wallet was also unlocked.

In the Airdrop instructions I have nothing read, whether one should follow the Twitter account of zkSwap now or not, since one can still post a tweet about his feedback. I follow the Twitter account because I find the project very interesting. I will also pin my Twitter account under this feedback.
The team may also be interested in how long it took me to complete this process (without feedback) It was about 25 minutes with the upload of the NFT.

Regardless of the airdrop, I am very grateful that you have the opportunity to test the platform here, it helps both the team and the user.

Thank you

ETH Wallet Adress: 0x4cf11D2F4829939E8f385c31d2Df85ee6CB9a083
Twitter: https://twitter.com/choice_ma @@choice_ma