#v3 testnet #feedback success always for V3

The more users in V3 the slower it is on this network, I asked the help of the zkswap team, to fix the performance of the application which is a bit slow, maybe my signal is not good … If the payment is smooth even though sometimes it still fails to pay, while the swap is pretty good in this feature that presents a swap pool and swap trade …!

the swap transactions are good and easy, the problem is only the speed in NFT transactions, when we sell it takes a long time to sell it but when we buy sometimes it’s fast but sometimes it fails to bought, so I hope that in this V3 testnet trial it will be fixed starting from a slow application, is it slow because of many users or maybe my signal is not good…responding to what I complained about in V3, because I really hope in V3 it will be more perfect than the already good V2, and I hope this V3 will be the best zkswap application, perfection, convenience, speed will make zkswap the best choice for all of us…we support zkswap to continue to be the best, good luck always 0x64498E9271cf5f82Bf1f258F6efC01E807c838fA