#V3 Testnet Feedback# Swap, Liquidity, NFT Minting

I want to focus my feedback primarily on the user experience/UI of the platform.

L2 Swap
I found the interface clean and easy to use and in line with a lot of other Swap apps including the ability to select Max to swap all of one token and the ability to adjust the slippage tolerance. I liked the fact there was an option to choose which token to pay the fee with (ETH/USDT/ZKS) although I was confused about this as the Liquidity Provider Fee was always calculated in the token I was swapping (for example in the screenshot below, I chose to to pay the fee in USDT but because I was swapping ZKS the fee was shown as ZKS

Setting up a liquidity pair was simple (although it did say the transaction fee for adding it was 50 USDT). For me, the key to getting liquidity on a DEX is to incentivise people to do so. With the current app, it’s not clear what the incentives/rewards are or how much has been accumulated in interest so I think it would be good to have a list of the pairs and what rewards people will get for each liquidity pair to encourage people to add liquidity where it is needed most

If I’m honest I wasn’t a big fan of the main NFT page. I often had issues where the images would not load

I also found the the “My Profile” and “Transactions” links did not work (they were OK if I was in the NFT Mall and Mint NFT sections)

I would have like to have seen a search / filter function based on name, artist, price, tags etc in the NFT Mall.
I really liked the fact that you could purchase NFT’s using different tokens (ETH/USDT/ZKS). A possible future enhancement could be to integrate a token swap when purchasing. For example if an NFT is 40 USDT. You may not have 40 USDT in your wallet but you have the equivalent in another token, it would be great to swap it for USDT as part of the NFT buying process.