#V3 Testnet #feedback thanks V3 yess

I seem to have difficulty logging into V3, because I am a new user, through my Android via my chroom browser, but instead I was redirected to use Metamask, after I used Metamask I had to use the network (Rinkeby test network),

I had to unlock my wallet, it turned out to be connected to my wallet address in L2 Metamask, how to do swap pool transactions and trade was good in L3 thank you I was able to easily enter my wallet with metamask V3, then the NFT problem which is very difficult for me to understand because This is the first time I’ve done a printing transaction and bought NFT, but after I asked zkswap how I can understand about NFT in V3, thanks for the help admin zkswap V3 testnet which is very good in my opinion…I hope that later when the official launch of V3 will be to be more perfect, as we all hope… good luck for V3…