#V3 Testnet Feedback# UX

After going to the section vsan.zks.app/en/nft If you click on the “User Page” drop-down menu, then the “my Profile” and "Transactions’ buttons are inactive and not clickable for some reason. Although this problem is not present in other sections — they are clicked and open the corresponding pages. If the name and description of the NFT product is long, then it overlaps the drop-down menu.

You can see how it looks on the video:


I also came across an error that if you cancel the sale of an image, then you can’t re-put it up for sale with a different price.

Contract 0xF60486C46c9041637b5D2F7E05c3029037F4654f was originally offered for sale at a price of 1ETH .

I decided to change the price and removed the art from sale. Transaction: 0x6d92dc1813d7c33038898c6f96895fd9908b513d68fc95f4c418f2254eaa3333

I set a new price of 0.5 and pressed the “sell” button, but nothing happened, the metamask did not request confirmation of the transaction. I put a price of 2ETH and the result would be exactly the same. Tried to put a price 0,1/0,25/0,5/2/3ETH and nothing happened. Only after I set the price of 1 eth again, metamax opened to confirm the transaction. I canceled this action.

After about 10 minutes, I decided to try again to change the price by 0.3 ETH and everything worked out. Transaction 0x98fe0f2ac389f3859b9ce547faf79d78fd00c13dd1b745a0172a12caf5a83d0f

I tried to reproduce the error with the price change on this nft:
but it didn’t happen again. Perhaps it was some kind of short-term network failure. But perhaps my observations will help you and you will be able to understand why the problem was caused.

For a more comfortable interaction with the platform , the following features are missing:

  • Notifications about the purchase of your NFT. If the work was purchased, it is impossible to find out about it promptly.
  • Tracking in your personal account in one place the history of resale of your works.
  • Sorting on the market of all products by value or by views
  • Opportunities to put the work up for auction
  • Batch addition of images
  • Creation of NFT collections

In general, the site left a very pleasant impression. Especially, due to the fact that my mini-set of crypto-chips was sold almost instantly) I even think that after the site leaves the test, I will make my own full-fledged NFT collection on it :blush:

My wallet:

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