#V3 Testnet Feedback# ZKSWAP report by vicutr

Hi, after testing out the V3 ZKSwap features, I have some feedbacks as below:

  • Firstly, in swapping, it would be nice if creating a percentage slider or percentage boxes, such as 25%, 50%, to 75%. It will be easier for users to make swap. Apart from it, swapping was fine for me. The transaction speed is fast, the fees are ok
  • Secondly, after swapping, even though the transaction is successful, the balance took a little time to update. It might be better if balance updating happens faster
  • Thirdly, after adding liquidity, the transaction is successful, but ‘my pool’ is not updated. Had to refreshed to see its updated (See the picture for more detail)
  • Next, after buying an NFT, there is no notification on the site showing that the transaction is successful. Users have to check on their user page to know whether the transaction is successful or not. Selling NFT was nice. It is easy to know how much will get after selling.
  • Besides, in NFT Mall, it would be nice if having a way to arrange the market, maybe based on highest price - lowest price, or based on the currency accepted for those NFTs.
  • L2 Wallet function is fine for me. The dashboard is so clear with every essential information needed
  • Lastly, it would be better if adding dark/light mode and more language support or ZKSwap user guide on the interface. It will be beneficial for users, especially for newbies
    My L2 Wallet address: 0xd1771dbD4df7752a3047c62B2fB32541D549D3Ff

Good luck for the project. Overall, I have a very pleasant experiencing testing out ZkSwap V3. What i like most is the process of minting, buying, or selling NFTs. Compared to other NFT markets, it is simple and so easy-to-use, especially for newbies. I will try out more features when it is ready and will definitely try out when mainnet.