#V3 testnet #feedback#

It was my first experience on the V3

I used my Macbook Air on Monterey MacOS and using Chrome.
I have also used my iPhone later to see the NFT and browse the NFT collection.

Converting the L1 Tokens on L2 was easy and there were no issue.
As a test, I did it twice and both times the ETH converted in approx 5 minutes.

To mint an NFT, I originally had some issues as I could not upload my images. (Maybe the network was slow?) I had tried different images types like JPG, GIF, and PNG of various sizes.

The second time I tried I received an ‘unknown error’ at the confirming your wallet stage.

The third time worked out without any issue and was much faster.

I did a fourth time, with a larger and different type of image and also didn’t encounter any issue. Maybe my original problems were temporary?

As a general comment about minting, when the window opens for me to select the image, I can’t see the correct image types (only other file formats). But when I select a different folder and come back, it was ok and I can image format. After a closed my browser and restarted, I did not encounter this issue.

I also tried to sell an NFT . I could easily select the price and currency.
I then cancelled it and it removed it from the market.
When I tried to sell a second time, the system did not let me for some reason.
I closed my browser and restarted and it was ok and could reinitiate the sale.
Maybe my issues are browser related?

As I am writing this, I seems my NFT has sold! And it was a success :slight_smile: haha
The process works well.

I also bought and NFT . The process was easy and I saw the NFT in my collection.
Another test I did was to search for an NFT . By Adding the NFT ID, it was easy to find. Will there by any enhancements for the search. For example filters, sort, etc…?

As overall comment on my experience, V3 was easy to use and I had a good experience with the NFT process. As indicated above, I had some issues along the way, but I am thinking it may be related to Chrome. I will continue to do more tests with the app.

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Are you using a hardware locker maybe? I had some issues on testnet with hardware locker but no issues without Trezor or Ledger?