#V3 testnet #feefback transaction V3

I’m happy to finally be able to make DEX transactions, payments and purchases on this Zkswap testnet V3, … a lot and easy for me in this V3 testnet. (1) distress; I found many things here, such as first using Metamask, with the Rikenby network

, which made me confused, after that it was resolved, I found it difficult to access my L2, maybe my signal was not good or the application was an error, then in NFT printing, which so the problem is that I have to make mint NFT first, upload and sell but it’s very difficult to sell, then in the purchase transaction it’s also equally difficult, because many people give a high price benchmark that I can’t afford to buy on this V3 testnet, but after a few days I understand and I understand, finally I can handle it well. (2). convenience, besides that it is easy in this V3 transaction, the swap is very good and easy, because I have often done swaps, like in other applications such as V2 and trustwalet, after that it was easy to deposit and withdraw, I tried to deposit and withdraw a trial through my balance with a not too long time, about 5 to 10 minutes I’ve managed to do … I hope that in the future V3 in transaction speed will be even better. I, we really hope Zkswap V3 will be the best. Good luck for this V3, being what we all hope for. :+1::+1::+1: