#ZKS V3 Testnet Feedback# test


V3 Test experience feedback:
I re-experienced a complete beta version of the trading system from V2 independent coin creation system and V3’s new NFT creation and purchase system, V3 has a significant optimization of the experience is better than V2UI.
The original function of V2 requires 0.6 ETH as the handling fee in the test network. I don’t know whether it is due to the test network or a bug in V3. I hope the team can see that 1ETH can be paid to the account when I applied for the water hose for the first time, but there is no tap currency in the second application
I would suggest that NFT could add filtering capabilities, and that NFT within the same game series or project should have packaging capabilities to facilitate finding
Wallet Address: 0x24e67a171886dbc8bac782cfb192b89427e23c35